lunes, octubre 30, 2006


I was too tired to know my mother was reading my old personal blog. I opened this kind of space to make catharsis, this mean, I wanted to tell my feelings without fear of be judged, but when I knew my mother was reading me I felt constraint. I wrote many thoughts I'm not interest on share with my family. I think your parents never will can be your friends because the function of both is very different one of the other, with your friends you do things typical of your age, meanwhile your parents have duty of protect you though that represent have no fun.
Another reason take me to have a new space is the need of be in touch with people have interests like mine, literature and art, for example.
The stage of be near of my ex is over (one more reason). I don't want to be near of his friends from the planet blogger.
Life is more than a virtual diary.
I deserve an authentic shelter on the net.

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