miércoles, enero 31, 2007

Emotional Offer

In these days I have been thinking about my lonely feeling because I can’t help to think like Homer Simpson does. When I think I feel like everything is under control, one expression of my obsessive-compulsive manias…

I feel like a plant is ready to give its fruits but have anybody to do it, that’s why I would make a change in my patron to choose sentimental partner, maybe I could getting out with someone and try to fall in love with him, I know perhaps is a terrible idea but perhaps isn’t.

Last night I had a delicious conversation in messenger with a friend of mine, he told me things nobody dares to tell you, like there’s a possibility I find someone to be with but there’s too a possibility don’t be like that, then, over that base I would have to make decisions about my life, it’s a little cruel but that doesn’t make less true, how I say “true doesn’t have duty to sounds good”.
Then, like things are is moment for men are interested on me put their cards over the table because I have a special emotional offer… for limited time.

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