viernes, marzo 02, 2007

More princess, less mother

I need to be more princess an less mother to make that a romantic relationship works.
Usually I behave like a sweet mother that try to cover all needs that her couple haves, seems terrible but sadly it's truth.
Whem I’m a little bit careless with guys I like I get better results than when I show a lot of interest in they, that’s why I’m learning, slow but secure, to let them treat me like who I am: a girl that enjoys to receive all the attention and the kindness from guys she likes.
To learn this lesson has been a very hard proof to me, because I’ve heard and I recognize that for me to be a mom is like the authomatic way for a machine.
Lately I have changing this pattern of behaviour allowing to the men I know to make things for me like to open car’s doors or to pay completely the check. To achive this I act so conciously so I can and I think it is working.

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