domingo, diciembre 16, 2007


Sometimes, like now, space in Twitter isn't enough.

I have a million things on my head.

I need to start to write the proposal I'm going to send to my new client but I'm very affraid of she says I'm asking for too much money.

This year I've learnt I must make business / job search by myself because the idea of to wait until my aunt or my dad help me wasn't really good. I passed several month doing nothing because of that.

I decided to take risks in order to make the money I need to travel and to make gestions for ask my scholarship. Even I have been studying with more discipline than before and I have solved some doubts I had.

Sometimes is necesary start from begin to may correct mistakes, even silly things.

I'm taking risks in others subjects too and fun is coming with it. Furthermore I'm trying to reactivate my social life with some success.

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